Update on the Bell Canada Indexation of the Pension Plan Class Action:


BPG has provided previous updates to our members on the Pension Plan Class Action. This is the latest information. BPG will continue to monitor the situation and the next steps for the settlement discussions and will update its members as developments unfold. Previous updates can be found at:


http://bellpensionersgroup.ca/class action_EN




Since the release of the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision in this matter granting judgment to the class, the parties and their lawyers have been working co-operatively to determine the necessary steps to implement the judgment and conclude the litigation.  (Bell Canada has agreed not to seek leave to appeal the Court of Appeal’s decision to the Supreme Court of Canada.) The parties are now in agreement on a plan for the Plaintiff to seek Court approval to provide payment to class members of damages based on revised indexation to date and to enhance pensions for future indexation.  Plaintiff’s counsel are in the process of preparing the necessary motion material to provide a Notice to the class: (i) of the implementation steps for payment; and (ii) of the ancillary motions by Plaintiff’s counsel seeking Court approval of their legal fees and other matters. Members will receive this Notice, which will contain the details of those motions, as soon as it is authorized by the Court.


Each of the seven BPG Chapters has its own section of the site which allows us the opportunity to communicate with our members and the flexibility to serve the regional needs of our members.  SWO Chapter extends from Windsor east to Guelph area and from Lake Erie in the south right up to the Owen Sound area - hence the name of Southwestern Ontaio Chapter.  We hope you enjoy our website and come back often!

BPG members know that we are an organization of retirees from the Bell Group of Companies founded in 1995 dedicated to protecting two of your most important assets: your Bell pension and your Bell benefits. BPG has become a well respected group within the community of pension stakeholders in Canada and this gives a common voice to Bell reitees.

Since we have no way to be in touch with current retirees as they leave the company other than the list provided to all retirees in the In Touch publication, we must rely on you our valued members to either approach these new retirees and invite them to join BPG, or we must depend on you our members to contact your BPG Area Representative or another member of your Chapter Committee so that we can extend a personal invitation to them to become one of us.

The Bell Pensioners Group is valuable to you as a Bell retiree for three main reasons:  we advocate with the company, government and others on your behalf,  we are current on matters relative to your pension and benefits and we have access to pension expertise within the BPG organization.

As you know links to all five of our BPG Chapters are right here on our website for your convenience as well as all of the back issues of our BPG Chapter newsletters by using the link published in our current newsletter that you receive regularly as a member. Our membership application form for all chapters can be located by clicking here

As membership in the Bell Pensioners Group grows, we increase our ability to influence outcomes relative to our Bell Pension and Benefits. The more Bell retirees we represent, the more influence we hold in protecting these valuable assets to your life.

Are there new Bell retirees in your circle of friends or social groups? Do they know about BPG. It is one of the best kept secrets in the Bell community and they may not have heard about us. Please invite them to join or contact your Area Rep or a member of your Chapter Committee and we'll ensure they receive a warm welcome.

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    February 10th, 2021

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    December 1st, 2020

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    May 1st, 2020

    COVID-19 and our pensions

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  • Federal Election

    September 16th, 2019

    Letters from our President to each of the federal political parties seeking their committment to a policy platform that will bring an increased measure of securtiy to private defined benefit pension plans

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  • Federal Budget fails to protect Defined Benefits

    March 19th, 2019

    The federal government pledged to take action in last year's budget but has not lived up to it....

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    April 17th, 2017

    Info to keep you safe

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  • Attention Current BPG Members

    December 1st, 2020

    Attention: It's time again... Please renew your Membership Fees for 2021!

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  • Cost of Living Adjustment for 2021

    December 1st, 2020

    Cost of Living Adjustment 2021

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  • The 5 W's of BPG

    Take a look at the 5 W's of BPG to see why we need BPG and what we have to offer...

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  • BPG 25th Anniversary Video

    May 11th, 2020

    In these uncertain times, we felt it was important to reach out to our members, today May 11th ( BPG’s creation), as we share this 25th Anniversary video...

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  • Do you have Questions?

    Feel free to contact us at bpgswo1@gmail.com

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  • Update on class action institued against Bell

    April 24th, 2020

    On February 21, 2020, the appeal court rendered its decision which allowed the appeal and awarded judgment to the class action plaintiffs on behalf of all members of the class.

    Bell had 60 days from the date of the Ontario Court of Appeal's decision to apply for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. We understand that Bell has sought an extension to this deadline of an additional 60 days.

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  • Bell Lets Talk Funds 5 organizations during COVID-19

    March 26th, 2020

    Bell Let's Talk announced a special program to support 5 organizations delivering mental health support on the front lines of Canadian communities and to kids and families with remote tools in a time of social distancing.

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  • 2020 Bell Let's Talk Community Fund now open

    January 24th, 2020

    The Bell Let's Talk Community Fund is now accepting applications for grants in 2020. The annual $2 million program supports registered charities taking action to improve access to mental health care in every region of Canada

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  • Bell ready to test innovative AI system to block more fraudulent phone callsEnter name

    January 17th, 2020

    • Today's CRTC decision brings Bell a step closer to launching technology trial
    • New system can shut down an estimated 120 million more scam calls per month

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  • $400 million investment by Bell Canada in Hamilton's digital infrastructure

    January 24th, 2020

    As part of the work of the Mayor's Intelligent Community Task Force (MICTF) and the City of Hamilton's ongoing efforts to improve effective community-wide digital infrastructure, Bell Canada and the City of Hamilton are pleased to announce they will be moving forward together with a Bell investment of approximately $400 million to expand broadband Internet access in urban and rural areas of Hamilton, the largest digital infrastructure investment in the City's history. 

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  • Update on class action instituted against Bell

    August 19th, 2019

    On August 12, 2019, the Ontario Superior Court rendered its decision regarding the class action instituted against Bell challenging Bell's determination to index 2017 defined benefit pension payments by 1%

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  • Exclusive Offer from CARP

    May 29th, 2019

    Exclusive offer from CARP negotiate by the Canadian Federation of Pensioners replaces the previous BPG discount

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  • BCE Q2 2019 Results

    July 11th, 2019

    BCE Q2 2019 Results to be announced August 1

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  • George Cope to retire January 2020

    June 28th, 2019

    George Cope to retire as President and CEO of BCE and Bell in January 2020

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  • 2019 Audited Financial Statement

    April 29th, 2019

    The 2019 Audited financial statement for The Bell Pensioners Group is now available

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  • Why the Canada Pension Plan will still be solvent

    May 16th, 2019

    Where do your contributions go and what will you get out of it?

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  • Cost of Living (COLA) clause increases your pension in 2019

    February 22nd, 2019

    The goods news is that your 2019 pension payments reflect a full 2% increase for the COLA clause.  This is calculated on the increase of the CPI for the 12 month period ending October 31.

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  • Defined Benefit Pension Plan

    November 27th, 2018


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  • Changes to In Touch Publication

    November 27th, 2018

    Changes - In Touch

    You want to be informed of discounts/offers available for Bell retirees, but do not find them on the InTouch website

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  • 211 Ontario Seniors Helpline

    March 28th, 2018

    211 is a helpline and website that provides information on and referrals to Ontario’s community, social, health-related and government services.

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