Pension Information Committee

Pension Information Committee (PIC)

Pension plans can be complex and difficult to understand. In addition, with constant changes in pension legislation, it is sometimes a challenge to keep up with what's happening to your Plan. The PIC was therefore created in 1988 to promote better communications with Plan members.

The PIC achieves its tasks through various efforts, such as providing input on this report and holding a yearly meeting to review various issues related to the Plan.  PIC members also keep themselves up to date on developments in pension matters all year round.

The PIC's mandate, as defined by the Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985, also includes reviewing the financial, actuarial, and administrative aspects of the Plan.

For any information on your personal file under the Plan, you may contact the Benefits Administrator.

The Pension Information Committee (PIC) Report is available HERE.

Meet the PIC members

The Pension Information Committee (PIC) consists of eight members representing various groups to ensure that everyone remains adequately informed about the Pension Plan.


 Representing  Ontario  Québec

Michael Peacocke
(Substitute: Mary Lynne Forestell)

Bernard Barbeau 
(Substitute: Alain Bourdon)

Management  Jeannette Wiens

 Danny Rösler
(Substitute: Benson Thermidor)

Unifor  Mike Nicoloff  Olivier Carrière





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  • COLA Adjustment for Pensioners

    November 22nd, 2023

    Statistics Canada has published the year over year inflation rate for October.

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  • Happy Holidays from the Personal

    November 22nd, 2023

    Enjoy your holiday with peace of mind!

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  • 1998 Indexation for Estates

    November 2nd, 2023

    Notice to Beneficiaries of Deceased 1998 Bell Canada Pensioners. Details were provided to BPG by Bell.

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  • The Personal Contest

    October 31st, 2023

    Exclusive contest for Bell employees and retirees

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  • Travel Insurance for new BPG Members is Here!

    October 18th, 2023

    Exclusively for BPG Members, NOW OPEN to taking travel insurance applications for NEW MEMBERS joining BPG,

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    October 3rd, 2023

    BPG Members

    Check your latest newsletter and/or the latest e-blast for your pension updates for 2023.

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  • Bell Canada Pension Plan 1998 COLA Error Class Action Update

    September 28th, 2023

    We have provided updates regarding the Action Plan and the case management conference.

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  • BCE reports second quarter 2023 results

    August 11th, 2023

    2nd Quarter Results issued Aug 3, 2023

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    April 19th, 2023

     Bill C-228 has been passed by the Senate

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  • BCE reports 2022 Q4 and full-year results, announces 2023 financial targets

    February 7th, 2023

    5.2% annual dividend increase to $3.87 per share

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  • PIC Report

    December 5th, 2022

    The PIC report has been posted online at PIC.

    In addition, BPG has provided highlights on the 2021 Bell Canada pension plan along with a 2022 update will be provided in your Holiday newsletters. Another value add offered by BPG.  If you're not a member, sign up now. 

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  • Cost Of Living Adjustment for 2023 for Bell Canada, Bell Aliant, BCE and Telebec

    November 16th, 2022

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  • Preliminary Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for BCE

    October 20th, 2022

    To be confirmed by Bell

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